Friday, June 04, 2010

The Hand Dryer Predicament

One of my favorite new hang-outs for lunch is our local McDonald's. They have a really fun and clean play area for the girls and I've taken a liking to their chicken selects.

The other night we went with Blake for dinner. Sadie needed to use the restroom so I went with her. After she was done with her business we washed our hands. I finished first so I went over to the blow dryer made for hands and waited as my hands were blown dry. My hands were just about free from water when I began to notice the dreaded sticky feeling you get when you didn't rinse all of the soap off. This problem is annoying because you don't notice the residue until your hands are pretty much dry. Do you start all over and wash again? You can't just wipe the soap off because the reason you are using that obnoxious machine in the first place is because paper towels aren't being offered. I guess you could use toilet paper but that could make an even bigger mess since the toilet paper in public restrooms is cheap and tears easily.

Ahhh! What a predicament I was in! I decided I would regret not re-washing my hands so I walked back to the faucet, helped Sadie finish up and rinsed my hands once more. We dried our hands together and finally made it out of the bathroom - both with soap free hands.


Mom said...

Those lovely blow dryers are one big germ mess!! Not a good idea to ever use them. You are better off just letting your hands drip dry! Really like your new blog look!!!

CAMI said...

Whats with the horses?
Glad your blogging again! Missed your posts!
I hate the dryer thingys too- No fun!
Ps Where in the world did you find a clean mc D's?

Jacki said...

I hate still feeling like my hands are still soapy! But I'll tell you what I really hate, sour smelling towels. I always have to smell the towel before I dry my hands. Yuck! said...

Hearing loss wont be a problem because if the hand dryer is too loud you simply turn the automatic hand dryers decibel level down.