Tuesday, June 29, 2010

12 Ways You Know You Have 3 Little Girls

  1. You have a load of pink laundry at least every three days.
  2. Every tickle fight ends in tears. No exceptions.
  3. Your poor ears almost get use to the insanely high pitch shrill that can be heard from little girls all too often.
  4. You go through lots of shampoo.
  5. It takes at least thirty minutes to get them dressed for the day. Ten of those minutes is spent picking out which bow they want to wear.
  6. You have enough drama in your life to be part of a soap opera.
  7. You can't walk past the shoe section of any store unless you are prepared to let them try on at least 3 pairs.
  8. You get to share your makeup.
  9. You always have a hair stylist who is willing to brush your hair. Well, as long as they get to use the spray bottle.
  10. To save yourself from some headaches you don't bother buying ANYTHING unless it's pink or purple.
  11. You wonder what it would be like to own anything but dolls and dress-ups.
  12. You never go without hugs and kisses and know that some of your best friends will always be your girls.


Jacki said...

Love it! 12 is my favorite. I can't wait until the mother/daughter relationship emerges into a friend/friend relationship.

The Mullins said...

Oohhh...this post inspired me to want to make a list of the things mothers in the "All Boys Club" know. Pink doesn't exist in my house (the purple ties at Easter were enough to cause a riot!) and 90% of the toys at my house have wheels of some sort. Wow...we sure live in two different worlds, don't we? :)

Natalie Smith said...

I lvoe my Mother/Daughter relationship with my mom and just pray I have that with Rylee. It is hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel of the 2's, but I remain hopeful.

Girls are WONDERFUL! Glad you got blessed with 3!

Lindsey's Rich and Good-Looking Husband said...

I had no idea bow selection was such an ordeal.

Erin said...

Hey Lindsey! So I found your blog through Melissa's... I'm now an official stalker! :) We miss you around here! My blog is private, so message your e-mail address to me on facebook if you want access! :)

Natalie Smith said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope you had a wonderful day!

momneverstops said...

I loved this post! I don't have girls but I grew up with 3 sisters! I can relate. Thanks for the laugh :)