Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I changed my mind

Here's a few things I use to like but don't anymore:
  • Gum. I have always been addicted to gum until just lately. After chewing a wad for five minutes my jaws are bored and I have to spit it out.
  • Staying up late. Even seeing my clock read anything later than 11:00 pm makes me physically ill.
  • Ice cream. I use to love this stuff. I rarely crave it now and I would much rather eat a brownie or some delicious pastry. My only exception to this is if I am offered a chocolate malt.
  • Lip Smacker's chap stick. I would seriously go through a tube of this a week in junior high. I now prefer a more mature looking container of lip gloss.
  • The new Volkswagen Beetle. I was obsessed with these when they first came out. It's not that I don't like them anymore. It's just that I would never buy one. A van would be so much more practical, right honey?


Annette and Rick said...

Man, you had me worried when I saw ice cream on your list--until you exempted chocolate malts! Amen to staying up late...I don't like it either, so I'm working on breaking my habit, since that's the time when I tend to get things done.

cardlady said...

Rats! Another one bites the dust! I still like most of these things.
Guess I will be the only insomniac at Wal-Mart or Kroeger all-nighters in the family! hahahaha CSnow

CAMI said...

Oh I agree with your dad-his choc malts were awesome! I still like lip smakers- but isn't it funny how time changes our likes? I find I actually like more things I use to hate!