Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Olympics are wiping me out!

Here has been my grueling schedule ever since the Olympics started a little less than a week ago:

6 am - 7 pm: Normal daily duties such as bathing, changing, feeding, cleaning, disciplining and playing with Sadie and Madison.

7 pm - 12 am (or later): Watching the Olympics.

I have not been getting the 8 hours of sleep that I require to function during the day. As a result I have been grumpy and very hard on my girls and the gentleman gymnasts. So here is my public apology for being so quick to get frustrated with my daughters and for judging the men in leotards by their tight pants and high voices. I'm sorry.


Shantell said...

Ha! I was thinking the samething about myself! Jared and I have really enjoyed watching the olympics but they keep me up way too late. Glad to know I'm not alone :)

The Seare Family said...

Hi Lindsey
I got your blog address from Wendy. Your girls are beautiful! I have had fun reading your blog it's very entertaining.

( I appreciate the mascara tip, I have been looking for a new brand. I don't like mine.)

The Seare Family said...

Oh and I am way impressed that you ran a 1/2 marathon!