Friday, August 01, 2008

I'm a picky watermelon eater

If I had a watermelon patch I would only eat the first bite of each of my triangle slices. In my opinion this is the sweetest and juiciest bite of one of my favorite fruits. Too bad I don't have my own patch. At almost eight bucks a pop (yes, I paid that for a medium size watermelon this week) I am forced to eat the whole slice.


Quinn & Dani Gooch said...

Ha ha! I can't believe that watermelon was $8!! I owe you a milkshake or something. I love your are so witty.

Leezy Lindsey said...

I got it at Harmons. I'm telling you Dani, Harmons is WAY MORE than most grocery stores. You'll save yourself quite a bit of cash if you would switch to Macey's or even Walmart. Just think of all the milkshakes you could buy with all the money you save!

Susan said...

I just finished cutting up maybe the 10th watermelon of the season and it seems as though I have picked winners so far. I like my watermelon when it's been cut in the fridge a few days. It seems like that's when it's juiciest.

CAMI said...

Ok that is funny! WEll I just caught my self up on your blog for the last lil while-( we didn't have the internet for a while with our move)
I love the pictures you take of the girls- they are good sports!
Ok Maddie is a funny sleeper-first the hand in the ring now hunched over.
So did your girls do good on the camping? We have been wanting to go but I am worried how Heather will do.
How fun to of had your mom there- I was lucky enough o see here when we visited my parents they came over- the play-dough of peanut-butter is a great idea since kids eat it anyway!
Well I am sorry about blake's Herniated Disc that sucks!
We will be coming to Ut in a lil while and I hope we see you guys at Aunt Jana's swim pool!