Sunday, June 22, 2008

A well-deserved camping trip

We just got back from an exciting camping adventure with the Andersen family. Although all of us are total camping dummies our efforts were a success. Here are a few pictures to prove that I actually went camping:

Blake and Madison eating breakfast.

Haley and Sadie. There was some major drama going on between these two but they remain best friends.

Matt and Maddie

Cute Maya

Silly Sadie

Susan & Maya

Me & Maddie

This is one of the few moments that they were getting along.

The Andersen Family

Our family

The Ritz Monster


Shantell said...

cute! Looks like you guys had fun. Jared and I are going on our first camping trip with Ethan...hopefully it goes well :)

Katie said...

Camping with a baby is quite the undertaking - kudos to you! It does look like you guys enjoyed yourselves, especially the girls.

jet said...

Cute pictures! I must say, I'm totally impressed at how clean your kids are while camping. That is no easy task. :)

Patti Smith said...

Looks like you guys were having fun up there. I love camping, but don't do it enough. We missed you at the pool party this weekend.

Susan said...

I'm just taking one breath at a time...that trip was so well-deserved for us too. We are so over worked. Ha Ha. Thanks for the fun time!

Anonymous said...

Loved the headline, Lindz, and the pictures. :)

Brooks said...

You had me fooled. You guys camp really well! That is so fun that you have a family friend with girls the same age as yours.