Sunday, May 18, 2008


Why are "snack size" bags made? Seriously. Do they serve any purpose besides frustrating me? Have you ever tried to stuff some Cheetos Puffs in one of those things? You can fit maybe five in the bag and then good luck zipping the bag up.

I've gone to the store with plastic bags written on my list and accidentally come home with the "snack size" instead of the "sandwich size" more than once. What a waste. I have yet to find these things useful.


Angie said...

I've the done the exact same thing before. These things frustrate me too! Totally pointless.

Susan said...

The best part too is they are easier to dump onto my carpet or on my bed. Too funny because I've done that too with buying the snack size and funny enough too, we did Cheeto puffs in a snack bag the other day and they were gone within seconds.

CAMI said...

Hey they work for cherrios or gold fish maybe?
I hate Allergies too(from your last post) They suck- mine are worse this season too! So i put a cute pix of our girls from my trip trip ut on my blog!

Jacki said...

Like the "Snack Size" is really "snack size". I mean really, who eats 3 carrots for snack?