Monday, May 19, 2008

Stop, drop and think of five!

I have a gift for assuming and jumping to conclusions. I am very good at it. This isn't something I am proud of because it can cause a lot of problems. When Blake and I were newlyweds someone gave us a piece of advice that has helped me deal with this weakness of mine. We were told that when someone does something that either hurts our feelings or makes us mad we should think of five reasons why they would have done what they did. Here's an example:

We have a lot of construction on the road we live on. Currently there isn't a turning lane so there are signs everywhere saying that left turns are not allowed. When someone does decide to make a left-hand turn it causes a major traffic jam because our road is very busy. It drives me nuts when I get stuck behind one of these inconsiderate drivers! I get very frustrated and I have been known to honk my horn at them. So here are the five reasons I have come up with why someone would feel they are important enough to have twenty cars waiting behind them:
  1. One of the passengers is in labor and if they don't make the left turn the baby will be born in the car.
  2. Their car can only make left turns.
  3. They have a 2 1/2 year old in the back seat that has been screaming for ten minutes because she dropped her sunglasses on the floor and the only way to stop the madness is to make the left turn so that they can pull over and recover the lost possession.
  4. They are almost out of gas and making the left turn will take them to the nearest gas station.
  5. There is a chance that they might not have not seen the 1,034 signs all over the road stating that left turns are not permitted.
This strategy has helped me give people the benefit of the doubt. It has helped me stay calm and helped me realize that most people aren't trying to upset me on purpose. There usually is a really good explanation for why people do what they do. Plus it is pretty entertaining. You should try it out sometime! It especially works well when your husband leaves dishes in the sink right after you have cleaned the kitchen!


Jordan McCollum said...

Did you know that yesterday in church, Blake talked about how good you are about NOT jumping to conclusions and judging people? (Talking about that 4x4 dealership down the street parking their cars in the construction on weekends.)

And just to reassure you, I have seen the signs and sometimes I still forget we're not supposed to make left turns. I try to make them as fast as possible to keep people from having to wait, since you're not supposed to make left turns for more than 2 miles, and making only right turns has yet to get me any closer to my house.

Becky said...

That totally made me laugh! Thanks, I will definitley be trying this. It will probably ease the tension of the dishes in the sink and clothes on the floor!

Anonymous said...

"Their car can only make left turns."


Quinn & Dani Gooch said...

Hahaha!!! You are so funny. I love it. I totally agree with you...especially about the husband leaving dishes in a freshly cleaned kitchen. That is a daily occurrence at our house.