Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A few things about my girls...

  • She came up and pinched my bum after I had just gotten out of the shower and said, "Cute buns, Mom!"
  • Maddie was in her swing sucking on her pacifier when Sadie asked me if she could take the pacifier out of Maddie's mouth so that she could make her smile. I told her she could and what happened next was two sisters giggling at each other for about five minutes. There is seriously nothing cuter.
  • She is going to wear diapers forever.
  • After I get her dressed for the day I always tell her she looks like a princess. The other day when I told her that she said, "No, Mommy! I look like Barbie!" Oh great! I don't even know how she knows who Barbie is!
  • This girl loves bananas!
  • Whenever I'm holding her she immediately grabs at my mouth. She loves to look at my teeth. Future dentist, maybe?
  • She loves to be naked. The minute her clothes her off she starts flipping around like a fish out of water. I know that is a weird comparison but it's exactly what she looks like.
  • Her deep belly laugh is one of my favorite sounds.
  • Maddie is a very happy and content baby. I can't tell you how many people have asked if she knows how to cry.


Laci Harper said...

I loved the bum comment by Sadie. I thought it was so funny that I shared it to my whole office...lol..it is still making me smile. You have one cute family Lindsey loo. I love ya!

Patti Smith said...

You have the cutest girls ever!!! Remember these moments, they grow up fast. I was just asking Austin today if he remembered when Makayla was Holden's age, and he said "vaguely." They are at such a fun age right now!

Quinn & Dani Gooch said...

I love your girls they are so adorable. You always have them dressed so cute! Sadie is hilarious, "cute buns, mom!" I love it!!!!

Annette and Rick said...

The pictures and your comments are CHOICE! Love, Dad

CAMI said...

Oh my goodness- thats funny! Heather luvs my teeth too -infact she likes to fall asleep holding them- its very weird!

Anonymous said...

Great stuff.
I just found your blog and love it.
Look forward to reading more.

jet said...

I love how you always have cute pictures of your girls. :)

Katie said...

They are beautiful girls. I think it's an natural girl instinct to know who Barbie is - now, whether a girl owns a Barbie or not is another story.
Great pics!!