Thursday, May 29, 2008

Creative handwashing

It's been a long few weeks around here. I'm not exaggerating when I say at least one of us as been sick since the beginning of May. We keep taking turns and it has taken a toll on all of us. Here is proof from last night that it had been another rough day:
  1. I picked Maddie up and wiped her snotty nose with my finger. Yes, it's come to that because her nose is so raw I feel horrible using a tissue.
  2. While I'm still holding Maddie I go to the bathroom to wash my hand.
  3. I turn on the light.
  4. I turn on the water.
  5. I wash my hand.
  6. I turn off the light.
  7. I turn off the water.
  8. I dry my hand.


Shantell said...

I feel your pain. Jared and I have been sick but my poor baby has croup & an ear infection and now due to the antibiotics his poor little bum has a rash. I hate having sick kids!

Leezy Lindsey said...

Oh Shantell! Croup is the worst! Sadie has had is twice and I hate it! I hope Ethan gets feeling better soon!

Laci Harper said...

I hope you all start feeling better soon! Thanks for letting us stop by last night. It was fun to visit! Love ya!