Friday, April 04, 2008

$173.47 not well spent

While my Mom was in town last week we thought it would be fun to head over to Nordstrom and check out this eyeshadow/eyeliner product that one of my friends was raving about. We went to the makeup counter and were shortly greeted by a sales lady. I told her what we were looking for and she showed us around. Neither one of us usually buy our makeup there so we were a bit lost. The sales lady offered to show me how to apply the eyeliner and then proceeded to finish my eyes off with several eyeshadows she picked out. I liked how my eyes looked and knew that I was running low on my makeup at home so I decided to buy everything.

This is when things started to go from good to bad. We walked over to the register and she began ringing everything up. As I saw the prices my heart starting thumping out of my chest and I felt like I was going to throw up. Now, I was prepared to pay more than what I normally shell out for Covergirl but I had no idea makeup could be so expensive! Do people seriously pay 26 bucks for a brush to apply their eyeshadow? I'm not sure why because I am perfectly satisfied using the applicator that COMES WITH my eyeshadow! And don't even get my started on paying anywhere from $18-25 for a single color of eyeshadow!

Needless to say, while I was handing over my credit card all I was thinking about was how I was going to get my money back. I was mad at myself for listening to a woman wearing bright pink lipstick and sparkles all over her face and I even started to resent her.

After we finished the transaction my Mom and I walked around the mall. It was hard for me to have a good time because my mind was only on the tiny bag of overpriced eyeshadows and brushes shoved in my purse. I felt so sick. The amount of money I had just spent was more than half of what I spend on groceries and toiletries for a month! I knew I had to take them back.

We went back to Nordstrom and because I was too embarrassed to deal with the same salesperson again we went upstairs to customer service. Much to my relief the lady at the desk returned the items even though she said I was suppose to do it downstairs. I have never been so happy taking something back.

Now, I know all of this was completely my fault. If I would have asked the prices before agreeing to buy them this would have all been avoided. But is expensive makeup really worth
it? Because after I told Blake what had happened he looked at my eyes and said, "I can't even tell she did anything different than what you normally do!"


Becky said...

I have bought that expensive make-up before, and in my opinion, it is not worth it! I don't really wear make-up though anyway. You are beautiful and don't look like you need it. Stick with the cheap stuff if it works.

Carlee Hoopes said...

I would have died at those prices as well! I can't imagine spending that. In fact, I was ticked last week because a lady in my ward sells Mary Kay and keeps bugging me to buy some so I finally said I would buy some mascara. Anyway, she told me that she sells it for 40% off so I thought it would be about the same as my normal mascara. When she told me I owed her $11 I was mad because the stuff I normally use that you blogged about once is like $6 and works great. I just can't spend that much money on makeup! I'm so glad you got your money back!

The Mullins said...

I just had a similar experience at the Clinique counter! Initially I bought some toner and concealer made especially for redness. I have HORRIBLE skin when I am pregnant and I'm very self-conscious about it, so it was worth the $30. BUT...then I got suckered into a facial wash and moisturizer totaling an additional $70!!! Yikes! Those products are still in the bag waiting to be returned. The sticker shock was just too much for me!

Jacki said...

Oh those sales ladies will do that to you! I used to be really into expensive makeup when I was in high school, making $10 an hour and living at home. What else is an irresponsible high schooler going to spend their money on?

I don't buy expensive make up anymore, but I do have to say that my best friend used to work for Bobbi Brown and she really hooked me up with brushes and make up. I am still using what she gave me today! Plus my little sister gets a 40% discount with MAC so sometimes I will get some stuff from her. Huh, I guess I still buy expensive makeup, but I just don't pay full price for it. That would be crazy!

Dani said...

Lindsey! I seriously love your blog. You are so funny and such a good writer. I know what you mean about expensive make up - I think it is so ridiculous. The same thing happened to me at Nordstrom. I told the sales lady that I needed a brush and she picked one out. Then when i checked out the price for the brush came up at $65.00! Just like you I bought it, then about 10 minutes later returned it. What a joke!

CAMI said...

So a little of the subject but this reminded me of when Blake did makeovers on us! that was funny- oh the good ol days! Also you dress your girls way cute too!