Saturday, January 05, 2008

New Year's Pictures


Madison sitting on her throne.

Maddie sleeping in what looks like an uncomfortable position.

Sadie, Haley & Ashlynn on New Year's Eve.

Sadie playing with her dollhouse.

Sadie helping me make chocolate chip cookies.


Sara said...

So you eat dough, too, huh? It's funny to work at the CDC because so many people don't eat cookie dough or cake batter for fear of salmonella poisoning . . . To that I say: Hey, I've been eating it my whole life, I think I'll be okay. Maybe that's what the person who just got salmonella says . . . I'm okay with it, though.

Jacki said...

How fun! I love that picture of Sadie and her friends all dressed up in their princess dresses. WAY CUTE!