Monday, January 14, 2008

Madison's Blessing Day

Our first family picture using our tripod.

Right before leaving for church. She wasn't a happy camper.

Matt & Emily Allphin

Grandma & Grandpa Ridd

Me & Stephanie Holt

Sadie & Haley playing. This picture was taken after they had been "dressing up." Notice Sadie still has on her boots.

Steve, Eric & Laci

Another flattering one of Steve & Eric.

Brad & Zach Snow

Christine Snow holding Maddie. Susan is the one folding her arms on the left.

Maya, Matt & Susan Andersen.

Sadie was so wiped out from the busy day that she got herself ready for bed. Can you tell?


Carlee Hoopes said...

She's so cute! How was she during the blessing? Did she cry through it or was she perfect? Maggie cried through most of hers, but settled down near the end. I know I always say this, but I love her hair. You always do it so cute.

The Mullins said...

Darling pictures, Lindsey. Maddie looks like a little angel - even with the tears!

I love Sadie's attire! Isn't the independence of a two-year-old something to behold?!? Daniel will take an hour to dress himself some mornings. I am always amazed at the combinations he comes up with!

Susan said...

Thanks for the good food. Now it's all done until the next comes. Sadie's moon boots are to die for.

Jacki said...

Lindsey, you really have a good looking family. That first picture of you all is beautiful. Sadie's curls are just too cute and so is that top you are wearing!

Annette and Rick said...

Thanks for sharing these pics! In the first one, your family looks so great together, and Maddie looks beautiful in the dress. One day, we will get a normal picture of Steven and Eric.