Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I got my new shoes on

I have been wearing the same pair of running shoes for over three years. I bought them with the Christmas bonus my boss gave me and I remember picking the perfect pair was quite the process. They have definitely been great shoes but I have needed new ones since, oh, probably last year. My feet always got sore when I wore them. There was hardly any support or padding left. So, when it got time to make my Christmas "wish list" for Blake, new running shoes were on the top.

I went to Finish Line's website and randomly picked a few pairs out that I liked. I knew I wanted them to be pink but other then that, I left it up to Blake.

On Christmas morning I was more than pleased to open up my new shoes. They were pink but they were also Nike Shox. I had heard good things about these new (well, sort of new) Shox but I always told myself I would never get them. What was with the weird columns in the back? Were they really necessary? I was sure they wouldn't make any difference in the performance of the shoe. I was convinced that they were only an expensive gimmick.

Boy was I eating my words the first day I laced them up and began running on my treadmill. Not only were they lighter than my previous pair, they fit my foot like a glove. I felt like I was running on clouds. I am not exaggerating at all when I say that I was able to run a full five minutes longer with these babies on my feet. These shoes have changed the way I work out. The pink plastic cylinders in the back are even starting to grow on me. In fact, I dare say that I like the way they look now.

Now if I would just stop making chocolate chip cookies, I might be able to see some results of all this running that I am doing!


Angie said...

Good to know. My running shoes are killing me during my workouts. Maybe I'll have to look into getting some of these Nike's. (I think they are very cute, by the way!)

Jacki said...

I think your new shoes are super cute! I used to blame not working out on my shoes. I finally got a new pair and then a month later got pregnant and now I have a new excuse.

P.S. I like the title of this post! GREAT SONG!

Susan said...

I'm sold. I need some new ones anyway. Do you still have a coupon?