Monday, December 17, 2007

I am a good wife

You want to know what I did today? I went to the post office on the busiest day of the year. Why? Because Blake sold something on eBay and needed to ship it out 24 hours after receiving his customer's payment. Why? Because that's his policy.

So, after waiting for 5 minutes just to get a parking spot, Maddie and I (luckily Sadie was at home taking a nap) walked into the most crowed post office I have every seen. The line to have someone help you was so long that I pitied all those in it that didn't know how (or couldn't) use the Automated Postage Center. I immediately started to pity myself when I saw how many people were waiting to use the APC.

Forty-five minutes and $10.55 later, the sold video game was in the mail. It's a good thing the people in line with me were very nice. Did you know that it's really cold in Alaska and that the postal workers are much nicer here in Utah than in California? I learned these little gems of information from a man that grew up in Alaska and from an old woman that had just moved here from California. So as you can see, my trip to the post office was not only productive but educational!

It could have been worse. I heard a lady who had stood in the longer line as she was walking out say, "What a waste of two and a half hours!"

What a crazy time of year.


Anonymous said...

"I am a good wife."

That's an understatement, and I'm not just saying that for brownie points.

Susan said...

Good gracious, I'm glad it was you and no me...ha ha. I was there too but luckily my run was only 15 minutes long and I had Haley and Maya with me. That post office thing is no fun.