Thursday, December 13, 2007

Cereal makes my mouth dry

Eating cereal makes me thirsty. I'm not sure why because each piece of my Captain Crunch is usually soaked in milk. But somehow I end up reaching for a glass of something to quench my thirst at the breakfast table and have a problem. What drink do I reach for? Here are a few of the options I have tried:
  • Milk. This doesn't seem right (nor does it sound appealing) because the stuff is already in my cereal bowl. Plus, I only like to drink a glass of milk with brownies, Oreo's and some cake.
  • Orange Juice (or any juice for the matter.) This doesn't work because the sweetness of my cereal makes the juice taste sour.
  • Hot chocolate. I don't like the mix of hot and cold.
  • Water. I just don't like water in the morning unless I'm working out.
I just can't seem to find any type of liquid to satisfy my dry mouth while eating cereal. Sugarless cereal could work with juice but I'm not about give up my Cocoa Puffs. Any suggestions?


Carlee Hoopes said...

I hear ya Lindsey. In fact, I have been faced with this same problem. The only thing I have found that works for me is Ovaltine. My cousin told me about this while I was pregnant and I had a glass every morning. I don't put the instructed amount of powder in because it is much too sweet. But, just having that slight chocolate flavor makes it better than milk, juice, or water in my opinion.

Jacki said...

Huh, I guess you can start eating your cereal at night when you feel ok to drink water with it. What about Root Beer? Cereal and Root Beer, YUM!