Thursday, November 15, 2007



Maddie wearing Sadie's glasses. So cute!

Sadie playing at the Discovery Gateway Children's Museum.

Sadie & Papa playing at the museum.

Sadie shopping at the museum.

Papa & Sadie doing the news at the museum.

Sadie & Madison

Miracles do happen. Sadie fell asleep for the first time EVER today on her own before nap time.

Both of my sleeping girls.


Sara said...

Man -- toddlers look so big when they're next to babies! Sadie's just gettin' so big . . .

Becky said...

Those pictures are darling! I love it when they are so tired and fall asleep somewhere randomly in the house! How fun!

Anonymous said...

I love, love, love, these pictures!!!
Two very cute little girls!

Susan said...

We need to do the museam thing with you guys. It looks so fun.

Lexia said...

Sadie looks just like you, Lindsey (with Blake's coloring of course). I'm predicting Maddie will look much more like a Snow in terms of facial features. I guess we'll see if I'm correct in this prediction over the next 2-15 years.

Jennison said...

Lindsay, Maddie is sooooooooooooo beautiful! Congratulations, you all look wonderful and happy. By the way, was all that hair special order? My baby is BALD! :) Nice to "see" you and your wonderful family again... even if it's on in cyberspace :( Take care, loved your blog!