Friday, November 02, 2007

10 reasons why I love newborns

  1. The sounds they make while eating.
  2. How they nestle up to you when you are holding them.
  3. How they smile without knowing it when you tickle the side of their mouth.
  4. How their eyes can say so much because their mouth can't yet.
  5. How quiet their "really loud cry" is. I appreciate this one more now that I have a two-year old who has fully developed her lungs.
  6. You can set them down somewhere and when you come back to get them, they are there.
  7. Their diapers are not that dirty.
  8. Their diet is very simple. Hardly any mess. Oh, and they aren't picky eaters.
  9. They can pretty much fall asleep anywhere.
  10. How almost everyone that is around a newborn says, "There's nothing like a new baby" because words cannot even describe how sweet and how much joy a newborn can bring into your life.

The blast from the past post for today is: Sweet Sadie


Anonymous said...

You said it all perfectly! It's too bad they are only newborns for such a short amount of time, huh?

Annette and Rick said...

Beautifully said.

Sara said...

Haha! I like reason no. 6 the best!

Anonymous said...

Wanted to add one that I love! They smell so sweet when they are new!

Leezy Lindsey said...

Their smell! How could I forget that one? Thanks Mom!

regibells said...

Make me want another one!