Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Unexpected comfort

After returning from a rather eventful trip to Walmart tonight with Sadie, I had had it. I was done being pregnant. I was done feeling like I tried so hard to make everyone else's life easier only to give myself disappointment. I was done waiting 20 minutes for Sadie to make her way up the stairs to our apartment while I'm holding heavy bags. I was done being tired. I was done feeling like I could never be caught up with all the the things I'm expected to do. In short, I was overwhelmed and feeling sorry for myself.

As soon as we walked through the door, I threw my bags on the kitchen counter and started crying. I just felt like giving up.

Well, it didn't take Sadie long to see what was going on. She walked right up to me and said,

"Crying, Mommy?"

"Hurt, Mommy?"

"Kiss it better, Mommy?"

She then proceeded to start kissing my knees. I'm not sure why she thought it was my knees that were in pain but the location of her kisses didn't matter. Her sweet little spirit could see that I was hurting and she wanted to make it better.

After she finished kissing my knees, she grabbed the kitchen towel and said, "Wipe tears, Mommy?"

I let her and then "All better, Mommy?" were the words that came out of her mouth.

Of course her innocent and tender actions only made me cry more but they were now tears of gratitude and feeling so lucky to have this very special girl. She is constantly bringing a kind of joy into my life that I never knew was possible. And, just like tonight, she always seems to know when I need it the most.


Blake said...

I'm sorry I wasn't there to help, Lindsey (I was out playing baseball, everyone), but I'm glad Sadie picked up my slack. For what it's worth, you are a superb wife and mother.

Susan said...

Ok so this may sound pathetic but that made me cry. Good things come in size 2T. Thanks again for your help yesterday.

Becky said...

That is very sweet! Wait until your new little one comes and your love and joy will double!

regibells said...

Oh lindsey! I remember those days...You need to relax and put your feet up, but it is so hard when you are chasing around a two year old and trying to squezze just one more thing in before the baby comes. Your little Sadie is such a sweet heart!

Sara said...

Lindsey -- this post made me cry! It really is those tender moments when parenting/babysitting pays off. You take a lot of heat, but it's really all worth it when a kid smiles at you nicely or comes up and hugs you before running off to play again. Those are the moments when you have to think, "Okay -- I'm making a positive impact on this child's life, and even if the world doesn't appreciate mothers enough, my child (or niece or nephew, etc.) remembers and appreciates me."

I'm glad you're such a good mom, Lindsey! Honestly, with Blake's genes, it was absolutely vital that his kids have an extraordinary mother! I mean, I can't imagine the energy level you deal with! :)

Anonymous said...

I was teary eyed until I read Sara's comment on the energy level you try to manage (toddler, baby on the way, and Blake). I can say this because I am his sister and I love him.