Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Our Labor Day activities

Our Labor Day weekend was perfect. Since we haven't got the potty training thing down quite yet, I decided to move onto two more milestones with Sadie. That always makes things exciting.

On Friday, we bought Sadie a big girl bed. I wanted to make this transition before the baby comes so Blake spent the afternoon putting the bed together. So far, she has done really well. Although, I'm not loving the messes we find when we go to get her. She thinks she is a pretty big deal and I feel better knowing that I'm one step closer to being ready for Madison's arrival.

Also on Friday, we tried out a new Brazilian restaurant with Laci & Eric. It was quite tasty.

On Saturday, Blake and I got to go to the BYU football game. We used our first "real babysitter." You know, I actually called her up, picked her up, paid her and took her home. We had fun at the game and of course Sadie seemed to do just fine.

Sunday was my birthday and it was a nice, relaxing day.

Monday, we watched some of the US Open and then headed to Thanksgiving Point so Sadie could ride the horsies. We then attempted to go to the mall so that I could spend my birthday cash but after about a hour of fighting the crowds and drinking a delicious smoothie, we headed home to watch some more tennis.

Like I said, it was the perfect way to spend the weekend. I got several naps in and it was nice to have Blake off for four days straight.

Now back to reality...


Jacki said...

Happy Belated Birthday Lindsey. Now that I know that your birthday is the same as my brothers, it will be a lot easier to slip one more gift in the mail! I won't forget again!

cardlady said...

Happy Belated Birthday in writing to you too Lindsey! Even though the trip I did late in August was somewhat of a birthday deal. Love you and am sooooo glad to have you in the family. You are a fantastic mother to Sadie. I couldn't ask for a better daughter in law mother!Mom Snow