Thursday, September 20, 2007

Never say never

Before I became a mom, I had some expectations that I thought were fairly reasonable. Sure, I had heard that each child comes with their own personality, but I wasn't fully aware of the fact that they really do come with a mind of their own and that they use that mind from a very early age. To show how naive I was, here are just a few things I knew my kids would never do:
  1. I was never going to have a child that sucked her thumb. Sadie's been doing this (and continues to do this) since she was 4 months old.
  2. I was never going to have a child that was attached to a blanket. Sadie has two.
  3. I was never going to have a child that needed a certain stuffed animal to fall asleep. Elmo has suddenly become Sadie's best friend and must be in her bed before she will even think about taking a nap.
  4. I was never going to have a child throw a tantrum in public. Not to mention smack me in the face while I was trying to discipline her in Old Navy. Sadie did this yesterday.
  5. I was never going to have a child that liked Barney. I'm not sure how, but Sadie not only knows who Barney is, but gets very excited when his show happens to be on when the TV gets turned on in the morning.
  6. Oh, and I was never going to lose my temper. HA!
So what about you? Did you have anything that you thought your kids would never do?


Unknown said...

Lindsey, although, I can't speak from experience...I must say I think every parent goes through the "my child will NEVER" phase. I've already started speculating with Matt on what our children will NEVER do...hopefully it works, but I seriously don't our children will never be like that child screaming in the grocery store or church because their not getting their way. I'm so stoked for parenthood! :)

Mark Ormond said...


I just assumed my kids would DO ALL of those things. It worked out perfectly because my kids do all of those things.

I just try to tell myself that as long as my kids are acting their age (2 year old girl and newborn boy) then everything is good.

My Lindsey is a lot like you and I think it must be different for the mother than it is for the father.

Anyway, great post. Keep up the good parenting.

Becky said...

I always said "If a child can tell you that they need their diaper changed, they shouldn't be wearing diapers!" Well, my opinion has changed! Ian tells me everyday, but he still doesn't want to go on the big boy toilet!

The Mullins said...

#3 cracked me up. Check out my blog and see the latest picture of Daniel. He and Sadie will be great buddies with their Elmo obsessions!

Jacki said...

My kids will never take naps. They will fight me all the time before bed. They will eat nothing but crap. Tellitubbies will be their favorite show. They will be so attached to a paci that they will bring it to college with them. They will wear diapers until they are 15.

Are all my bases covered? It only looks up from here.

cardlady said...

Snotty runny noses were the thing I wasn't going to have! HA! Six of them every fall and every spring and even sometimes in the summer.

Anonymous said...

My wonderful and amazing friend Mary Ann Parker gave me a great example of what to do when your child has a fit in the store, and I have used it several times. While your child is pitching a big fat fit in the middle of the store and everyone is watching, say to her "Your mother is going to be so mad when I tell her what you've done."