Wednesday, September 05, 2007

5 reasons being pregnant is expensive

As I was thinking about how I'm ready to be done with this whole pregnancy thing and finally meet Madison, I realized that pregnancy can get pretty expensive. Here's a few reasons why:
  1. Due to my lack of energy and motivation, we have gone out to eat more than usual. Not to mention that I eat more so the bill is a tad higher.
  2. A whole new wardrobe is necessary.
  3. We go through more gas in the car because the air conditioner is on full blast pretty much 100% of the time.
  4. The house has to be cool, too. Being pregnant during the summer can definitely raise your power bill. Like almost double what it was last year!
  5. Even though I'm having another girl (at the exact same time of year), I still have to take a gander at the newborn clothes when I'm at the store. Oh, and you can never have enough headbands!
So there you have it. Anything that I'm missing?


Angie said...

I think you summed it up pretty well! My biggest expenditure with this pregnancy has been being able to decorate a brand new nursery. That put a damper on the checkbook!

Becky said...

I think the hardest thing for me was when I was so huge I couldn't walk, and trying to take care of a one year old at the same time! Tricky stuff. Here is a tip I found quite useful: About a month before she is due, start doubling your dinners that you make and then freeze them. Even though the RS might bring you some dinners, it will be nice to have extras in the freezer when you don't feel like cooking! When are you due?

Leezy Lindsey said...

Angie - Yes, setting up a nursery isn't cheap! Since Sadie and Maddie will be sharing a room, I'm just using all of the same stuff.

Becky - Sadie has been watching losts of cartoons while I sleep on the couch during the day! She's been a really good sport! :) What a great tip about the meals! I'm due the middle of Oct. so I better get on doubling my meals! Well, at least the meals I actually make! :)

Susan said...

Happy Birthday Lindsey. I wished we could have spent it with you guys. I'm jealous you went to the game and IKEA. I'm excited for you to be done with prenancy so I can meet Madison too. See ya Friday..we'll carpool if you want and maybe see ya before.

Fiona said...

How about all the lotions and creams you buy to keep from getting stretch marks? LOL!

Someone told me to freeze meals too, and I did do that and I am so glad I did...some nights I just didn't want to cook AT ALL and I was able to just grab something from the freezer. However, I was a bit lazy and ended up stocking up on frozen food from Costco too...another pregnancy expense! That stuff is not cheap!