Thursday, July 26, 2007

Play nice kids

Whenever I take Sadie to someone else's house with me, it's not a relaxing experience. I am constantly on my toes making sure she's not touching anything she shouldn't. I get embarrassed when she throws a tantrum or hits the other child in order to steal their toy away from them. Oh, and she always seems to choose this time to go number two. The other mom tells me not to worry but how can I not? She is probably really thinking that she can't wait for us to leave!

Now, on the opposite side of this. I don't mind when other kids come to my house. I watch the other mom try to keep her child from pulling all the toys out or from touching the TV. I always tell her not to worry and that Sadie does exactly what her kid is doing but for some reason, I don't think my words help.

Isn't it funny how this works out? Because even though I know how I feel when other kids come to my house, I will probably still be an uptight mess every time we go somewhere else.

*I chose the Fisher-Price Block Cart Walker for the image of this post because it's one of Sadie's favorite toys. Not surprisingly, it's one of the hardest for her to share.


Fiona said...

Haha! Thanks for this, Lindsey. Since I am still only three months into this mom thing, I still get uptight when my friends bring their toddlers over. I haven't baby-proofed my house yet and I really need to! It's good to know that it's natural to feel uptight about your kids behavior and that I will someday be more laid back when other kids come over. :) I always think to myself that Kaisa will be a perfectly well-behaved child, but let's get real!

Jordan McCollum said...

Linds, the next time we have Hayden & Sadie play together, I'll bring my block walker, too.

More to fight over! Er... share...

Annette and Rick said...

Lindsey, you are a GREAT mom!