Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Life lessons at the movies

Blake's birthday was on Sunday and as part of celebrating, he wanted to go see Ratatouille as a family on Saturday. He's been wanting to take Sadie to a movie for awhile but I have always resisted. Bringing a 21 month old into a theatre was not my idea of fun. I pretty much knew the outcome before we got there but since it was his birthday and since we were going to see a cartoon, I agreed.

As we were driving to the movie, I made a plan: we would buy some popcorn to keep Sadie distracted for as long as possible and sit next to the aisle so that I could easily take her out when she got bored. When we got to theatre, I was happy to discover that Sadie was free. My next discovery wasn't as happy: the price of popcorn. Seriously, it was over $6 for the large and it wasn't even that large! I ended up paying over $4 for a medium (more like a small) and got a large drink for $5. I asked the kid helping me if I could get a small popcorn bag so that Sadie could have her own. He gave me one but as he was ringing me up, another kid behind the counter informed me that I would have to pay for the bag. I was thinking maybe $1 but I asked him the price just in case. When he told me that I would have to pay the price for a small popcorn just to have the bag, I said forget it and grabbed my overpriced distraction and met Blake and Sadie in our seats.

The popcorn was a big hit with Sadie (probably because we didn't feed her lunch before we came). She was pretty loud during the previews. She shouted out the name of everything she recognized. She was having fun and I enjoyed watching her take in this new experience. The movie started and about 10 minutes into it, the popcorn ran out. The drink kept her busy for a few minutes but then she started getting restless. She played on the stairs for awhile, sat on my lap for a quick second, and when she pulled the lady's hair in front of us, I knew it was our cue to get out of there.

We said goodbye to Blake and we were gone. The theatre was located by an outdoor mall so Sadie and I spent the last hour of the movie walking around.

So basically, I learned two things from this experience:
  1. Concessions at the movies are a total rip off.
  2. We shouldn't bring Sadie to a movie again until she's 10.
But wait! I already knew both of those things before we went! Oh well.


Angie said...

I'm glad to hear that my child isn't the only one who doesn't (or wouldn't, in our case) like the movies. We have several friends who take their little ones to the movies all the time and they claim that it is all fine and dandy.

We have been holding off on this adventure and after reading about yours, I think we are going to wait several more years!

The Mullins said...

James is 3 1/2 years old and we still have not taken him to the movies! I can wait for that lovely adventure. Taking the boys to church is plenty right now!