Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The downside to renting

We rent our condo. A few months back, the owner of our condo said that he was going to put it on the market and see if he could make some money. We were devastated to hear this because we have loved living here and aren't quite ready to move, ESPECIALLY with #2 arriving shortly! Since we had no control over the situation, we have done what any good renters would do by keeping the place clean and allowing potential buyers to come see the condo.

Part of this arrangement means that we get to deal with Real Estate Agents. Lovely. Just last night we got a call from one asking if he could come show the house between 9:00-10:00 this morning. I told him we would be here and he said, "It will probably be closer to 9:00. I just don't want to tie myself down to a certain time."

After I hung up with him, I started thinking about the statement he made during our phone conversation. Basically what he was saying is that it's okay for him to tie me down in order for him to have a more flexible schedule. Aren't I doing him a favor? I'm not mad about this. It just struck me as funny. I understand that he probably can't tell me the exact time he would be coming by but why did he have to say that?

So, before I went to bed last night, I made sure all the dishes were out of the sink, picked up Sadie's toys and took out the garbage. Of course, he never showed up this morning.


Jacki said...

WOW Lindsey. You are a good renter. Our landlord is trying to sell our place right now too. We are dealing with the same thing. I don't clean it every time a person comes to show it. It does get annoying though!

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