Thursday, July 19, 2007

Being a Mom has it's perks

Last night, Blake and I thought it would be fun to take Sadie to McDonald's to play. It's been too hot to go somewhere outside, so after washing one of our cars, we headed to the golden arches. We had already eaten but I felt that I should at least purchase a hot fudge sundae for myself so that we would be paying customers playing on the toys.

Of course the minute Sadie saw the delicious treat, she came and sat down across from me and asked for a bite. So, not surprisingly, we ended up sharing the sundae. After I took a bite, it was Sadie's turn, then back to me and so on. This had been going on for a few minutes when Blake said, "I see you're not wasting any of the fudge on Sadie."

I was a little embarrassed that he had noticed. It was true. My bites were full of fudge but Sadie's spoonfuls were definitely lacking the chocolate goodness. This wasn't a coincidence either. I was purposely giving Sadie plain vanilla ice cream. I knew she didn't care. She was still enjoying her bites and mine were all the better for it! You know, since they never give you enough hot fudge to go with all the ice cream.

I didn't feel so bad when Blake admitted that he had done the same thing before. We got a good laugh, moved on and I don't think Sadie even cared because she still ate the rest of her fudgeless bites.

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Annette and Rick said...

You know, studies show that this type of behavior is passed from one generation to another.