Friday, June 29, 2007

My blog saved the day!

Yesterday morning, I checked my email and to my surprise, I received an email response to a recent post of mine regarding pitting out. The author has given me permission to share her story with the world so, thank you!

"I had to make a job presentation for work in front of about 18 people - no biggie right.

I picked a great blouse, nice skirt, good shoes, appropriate makeup, all set.

2 days before the presentation I decide to do a practice run by myself in the conference room.

Near the end of the talk I reached up to point something out on a power point slide and WHAM - in the back mirror I could see I had a HUGE pit stain!! I lifted the other arm WHAM, just as big a problem.

I have to give this presentation in front of people what to do. Go the net, look for deodorant suggestions (I was using Degree which I thought was supposed to be good).

I found your blog, ran out and bought Secret Clinical, applied that night.

Did another practice run the next day, no sweat issues.

Gave the real presentation, in front of people, wearing light blue and no problems at all.
The Secret Clinical and your blog really saved me - thanks!"

One word: Awesome!

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