Monday, June 25, 2007

Hampton Inn TV

While Cathy and Sara were here a couple weeks ago, we drove up to Boise to visit Blake's sister, Cami. We stayed at a Hampton Inn and I couldn't resist taking a picture of the "Welcome Screen" that showed up when you turned on the TV. Who approved this?


Sara said...

Ha! That's funny, Lindsey!

Anonymous said...

Someone with a cheesy sense of humor! It made me laugh!

Robs said...

hey lindsey! thought i would take a look at your blog and saw this amazing post...i say that because i was driving a few weeks ago and saw a hampton inn billboard with that lady and thought, "wow, cheesy."

apparently she mistook the all-purpose cleaner for decaffeinated coffee at the continental breakfast.

anyhoo, thought i would say hi and hope all is well!

cardlady said...

Great Trip! Mom Snow Thanks for going with us. Sadie was fine! I just knew she needed to get out of that auto IMMEDIATELY! Mom Snow