Thursday, April 26, 2007

Lame city

Was anyone else disappointed that nobody was kicked off American Idol last night? The only reason I sat through two hours of rich people raising money for publicity a good cause was because I didn't want to miss who was going home this week!

This is the first season of American Idol that I have watched and I am hooked! I don't vote but if I did, it would be for Blake. I want him to win and Jordan to be the runner-up. I'm not a huge fan of Melinda. She has a nice voice but I don't think she would do well if she won. My least favorite is Phil. Honestly, I can't stand the guy. I hope he goes, then Lakisha, and then Chris.

So there you have it. Any other fans of American Idol out there?


Blake said...

Man that guy's eyes are close!

Jordan McCollum said...

I'm not an Idol fan, by my parents are so we had to watch it when they were here.

I hate Phil. Lakisha reminds me of an entire class of people that I went to high school with. Trashy. Melinda seems too shy.

I like Blake a lot. I pity Jordin, since her parents must be illiterate to spell her name that way.

You want Blake to win and Jordin as the runner up? You're not biased much, eh?

Angie said...

We are fans of Blake at our house too. We also like Chris. I wouldn't be disappointed to see Melinda go home but I have the feeling she might win it all.