Saturday, April 07, 2007

Easter Egg Hunt Madness

We had an Easter Egg Hunt/BBQ with some friends last night. Sadie didn't really get the concept of the hunt so we had to throw the eggs at her so that she would put them in her bucket. Here are some of my favorite shots:

I think this was the first and only egg Sadie picked up by herself.

Here she has a few more eggs...

Blake relaxing on the grass.

Checking out her loot.

A snapshot of all the kiddies.

Sharing some candy with Dad.

I think this is when she realized she didn't get as many eggs as she could have.

Showing off her candy before she eats it!


Anonymous said...

Loved these pictures of Sadie's first Easter Egg hunt! Next year she will have a little more of an idea of what is going on and then you won't be able to stop her!

Jacki said...

Sadie is so cute!! We need to see you soon! That outfit of hers is darling!