Monday, April 09, 2007

Best things in life

While we were watching the Saturday morning session of General Conference, we discovered a new talent of Sadie's. Blake and I were sitting next to each other on the couch and Sadie was on my lap. I had an itch on my back so I asked Blake to scratch it. Sadie saw Blake scratching my back and wanted to be part of the action so she started to wiggle and ended up standing behind me. She started to scratch my back herself. Even though I could barely feel her touch, my heart melted. After scratching my back for a few minutes, she began to rub my shoulders. She then proceeded to run her fingers through my hair. Every few minutes she would lean forward and mumble what seemed like a very important message to me and then she would go back to my pampering.

Since that day, Sadie has continued to rub our backs and play with my hair. She will usually do it without any coaxing and every time she does, it feels so good. Not because she is an accomplished masseuse or hairstylist but because there is nothing sweeter than a child's touch.


Jordan McCollum said...

That is so sweet! Can she teach Hayden? ;)

I liked your skirt on Sunday... I got myself one just like it for Easter (luckily Hayden puked during Sacrament meeting (on me, of course), so I had to leave).

(Should Ryan give you guys a call back?)

Anonymous said...

This blog made me smile! God surely gave us a gift when he sent our sweet Sadie! You just gotta love this girl!