Saturday, April 28, 2007

And I don't even like tomatoes!

I have been known to make up jokes. Well, mainly in my younger years. When I say "younger years" I am referring to the years before I was in 5th grade. This is probably my favorite:

A family of tomatoes was walking through the forest. The Dad tomato noticed that the Baby tomato was walking slow and that he was way behind the rest of the family. This upset the Dad tomato so he walked back to the Baby tomato. He stepped on the Baby tomato and while smashing it, screamed, "CATCH UP!"

Get it? Catch up? Ketchup? Yeah, I know, it's pretty amazing.


Shantell said...

Hi Lindsey,
I love your blog and I can't believe how big Sadie is. It seems like last week Jared and I saw you in the mall. I'm glad to see you are doing well.

Anonymous said...

Oh how I remember those made of jokes and the way you would laugh at yourself!I think we laughed with you mainly because you were so funny to watch! You still make me laugh with you great personality and sense of humor! You make me smile!