Wednesday, February 21, 2007

May I take your order?

A couple of weeks ago, Blake, Sadie and I went to one of our favorite burger joints for dinner. As Blake got in line to order "our usual," I took Sadie to find a table. As I sat waiting for Blake to bring the food, I watched a table of college boys in front of me. They obviously had all ordered and paid separately so their food was coming out at different times. I watched as each boy's number was called. They would go pick up their food, come sit back down at the table and not touch it. This happened with every single boy until the last one had gotten their food. After the last one sat down with his tray, all the boys starting eating.

I thought this was quite remarkable. Usually you don't see such manners! Especially with a group of boys! Here are my thoughts in these types of situations:

If I get my food before the people I'm with, I wait to eat it. Even after the person tells me to go ahead, I still refrain. This is especially hard when I'm starving and we've waited a long time for our food to come out. I think that this situation is harder to be in because you have your food right in front of you, but your must wait. The food sits there smelling good and getting cold.

Then, there is when your friend gets theirs before you. This is when it's your turn to say, "Go ahead." When I say this, I really do mean it. But, like I said, the person who has their food is in a tough spot. I have to be honest though; when a person actually starts eating before I get my food, I lose a little respect for them. If you do decide to eat prematurely, it is nice to offer a fry to your friend in waiting.

Luckily, neither situation lasts too long. Eventually you all get your food and everyone is satisfied. Most of the time, you forget who got their food first/last and really in the end does it even matter?

Your thoughts on the subject?

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Jacki said...

I am that person who offers food to the person who doesn't have their food yet. And I am also the person who takes a fry from someones plate if they get their food first. This works well for everyone!