Sunday, February 18, 2007

Magic Fingers

For Christmas, Blake gave me a gift certificate to get a massage. I was excited but a bit hesitant because I had never had a professional massage. I was nervous about the setting: you know the whole thing about a complete stranger touching me while I was pretty much naked.

My sister, Laci and I went yesterday. We were both anxious because neither one of us knew what to expect. They called my name first so I bid my sister farewell and met my masseuse at the end of the hall. I told her it was my first time. She asked if there were any parts I wanted her to focus on. I told her no. She said she would give me a normal Swedish Massage.

She took me to her table and told me to undress to where I felt comfortable. She said she would be waiting for me outside the door and to let her know when I was ready. I took my clothes off quickly and left them in a neat pile in the corner. I jumped on the table and covered myself as fast as humanly possible. After I was situated, I realized I was stuck. She had told me to tell her when I was ready. I didn't feel comfortable getting off the table so should I yell out for her? I felt silly doing that because the only thing that separated me from the person nextstore was a thick white sheet. I didn't want to disturb the quiet atmosphere. I figured she would eventually check on me so I waited. Sure enough, a few minutes later I heard a whisper asking me if I was ready. I said I was and so my massage officially begun.

She started with my right leg. I was tense and not enjoying myself at all. I was worried that I hadn't done a good enough job shaving. Was she laughing at my stretch marks? I was not thinking good thoughts about Blake either at this point. How could he do this to me? Why did he think I would like this? Now I knew why he wouldn't come with me.

After about 5 minutes of this torture, something changed. I had a decision to make. Either I could be in complete misery for the next hour or I could stop worrying about what the lady was thinking of me and actually start concentrating on how good it felt. I was never going to see her again. Who cares if she thought my underwear was ugly? Once I decided to enjoy this experience, I was able to relax. I closed my eyes and took deep breaths. I focused on the quiet music in the background and forgot about my shaving job.

I walked out of that place a new woman. Every part of my body felt relaxed. I felt like I could sleep for hours. I was hooked. Needless to say, I am now a believer of professional massages.

Have you ever gotten a massage? Was it a good experience?


Angie said...

There is nothing like a good massage. Once you get past the whole modesty issue, they are pretty enjoyable. I, myself am a fan of facials. I think they are very relaxing as well. You should give one a try'll be hooked!

The Mullins said...

Oh's all over now! Once you've had one, you'll be a massage addict! I just had one on Saturday. If you have a good masseuse it is a fabulous experience. Like Angie said, facials are amazing as well.

Lexia said...

I went to a physical therapist once a week for just over a month. For the most part, she massaged my shoulder and neck region and I always wanted her to massage the rest of my back. Unfortunately the rest of my back was fine. I miss those days. It really relieved a lot of muscle tension.