Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Cooking under pressure

I like to try out new recipes and I take pride in being a good cook/baker. However, the last week has not been a good week for me in the kitchen.

I made some cookies for a youth activity last Thursday and I'm not sure what happened to them. I made the peanut butter cookies that you roll in sugar and stick a Hershey's kiss on the top. They are usually my speciality. Not this time. They turned out really chewy and a little crunchy. Needless to say, it wasn't my best work and I was ashamed to bring them.

On Sunday, I decided to make eclairs to bring to the Andersen's. I made them once successfully just a couple weeks ago but since I was planning on bringing them to someone else, the puffs turned out all wrong. They weren't light and airy like they are suppose to be. They were dense and over baked. I wanted to blame these mishaps on my oven but soon I would realize that excuse wasn't going to cut it.

I brought my famous chicken pot pie to my Grandma's house today for lunch and well, it was a disaster. After taking it out of her oven, the usual flaky crust was chewy and discolored. It didn't taste good either. I don't understand. I have made that pot pie over 10 times and it has NEVER turned out like that! How embarrassing!

I know I'm not the only one that has experiences like this because Sara wrote a post about this too. When it happens it is so dissappointing because one, you have spent all the time and money to prepare the dish and second, you might still have to serve it! So how 'bout it folks? Does anyone else have trouble when cooking under pressure?


Sara said...

Oh, Lindsey -- I understand completely! I hate, hate, hate ruining a recipe. It's so embarrassing for me.

I wonder if big-time chefs do it too sometimes . . . Probably.

The last thing I made which was okay, but not great was oatmeal craisin cookies. They hardly moved out of their ball shape. :(

The Mullins said...

I SO relate! I am a pretty decent cook...until I have to make something to entertain or to take somewhere. Then, I don't know what happens. It's terrible! One time I was making a cake for my Book Club. Not only did the cake completely sink in the middle, but when I was looking through my cookbooks for a way to fix it, I knocked ALL of the cookbooks off of the shelf and right on top of the cake! I still have ooey, gooey crusty stuff on half my cookbook pages!

Jordan McCollum said...

You mean like the time we had you over for dinner and I forgot I'd turned the broiler on and burned the top of the pot pie?

I have to admit Mommymullins's story is pretty bad!

Angie said...

This is why I dispise cooking. Time and time again, I make a valiant effort to try and be a better cook, and for whatever reasons, it never tastes good. I have had one too many disaster stories similar to yours.

Lexia said...

Maybe your baking soda has expired. I noticed when I bought a new box, the baked goods I made were a little better.