Monday, December 11, 2006

Romantic Gifts

Blake received the book, 365 Romantic Gifts for your Love: A Daily Guide to Creative Giving as a white elephant gift this year. To say the least, he was thrilled. As the books cover says, "In this little treasure chest you will find 365 creative suggestions for gifts for that special someone in your life." It's the perfect time of year for him to get this book! Well, that's what I thought until I started reading some of the ideas. Here are some of my favorites:

Day 8 Just for Fun
A coloring book with a set of crayons or watercolor markers. For fun, color in one of the pages and sign it. For fun? Sounds like a blast!

Day 25 Lock it Up
Find a fun-looking lock and key. Paint them gold and, if possible, decorate. Give it to your Love with the note: "You now have control of my heart." How would you decorate a lock and key?

Day 33 Bright Smiles
A new set of toothbrushes for the two of you with a different flavor of toothpaste than you normally use. Blake probably wouldn't even notice.

Day 40 Special Hair
Give your Love a lock of your hair to be carried in a wallet. Gross.

Day 47 Bar of Soap
Carve your Love's initials or a special message onto a beautiful bar of soap. May sound like a good idea but I can picture the mess now. Not to mention how ugly my end result would look.

Day 49 Bathroom Sink
Fill the sink with water, then float flowers, rubber ducks, boats, or anything else you can think of. Why the sink? I can understand the bath but definitely not the sink.

Day 53 Wildlife
The Wolf Education and Research Center in Ketchum, Idaho, will let you pick and adopt a wolf for only $25. Call (208) 726-2860 Why a wolf?

Day 55 Sound the Bells
A pair of bells with a note saying, "These bells will remind me never to let you become a distant sound." I have one word: CHEESY!

Day 82 Soft-to-ware
Go shopping for some software for you Love's computer. There are some great screen savers on the market. Ha ha! Screensavers? Ha ha ha! I'm sure Blake would be thrilled!

Day 84 Propeller Head
Buy your Love a beanie with a propeller on top. What?

Day 88 Racy refrigerator
Replace the light bulb inside your Love's refrigerator with a colored one. I would open the fridge and wonder what was wrong. The last thing I would think was, "Oh, Blake must have done this because he loves me!"

Day 91 Hand Control
Give your love a hand puppet and explain that it is a whipping boy. Your love is to use it to vent anger at someone. You may want to include a mini whip as an accessory. I'm not sure I would want to be with someone that needed a "whipping boy."

Day 102 Out the Kazoo
Buy a pair of kazoos for the two of you. I can just picture all the fun Blake and I could have with a pair of kazoos!

Day 145 An Old Favorite
That favorite shirt, dress or sweater your Love won't get rid of but never wears! Have a pillow made out of it. Blake would KILL me if I turned his favorite jeans into a pillow! This is a bad idea!

Day 171 Inflatably Yours
Buy a package of balloons and write, "I Love You" on each one. Don't blow them up, but rather place them in a pretty box to give to your Love. Blake would love a pretty box full of deflated balloons!

Day 211 Love on the Tube
Rent a romantic movie for the two of you to watch together. Take it a step further and buy popcorn and hotdogs to accompany the show. Yes, popcorn and hotdogs! Not a weird combination at all!


Anonymous said...

This book sounds like it could spice up any marriage! I'm curious who thought up these "romantic" ideas. I wonder if they've ever actually been in a relationship!!?

Anonymous said...

LOL....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. These are hilarious! I totally need this book for a white elephant. Do you think would have it? Who's the author of it? I'm sure I could get it for a bargain from some disgruntled male seller who tried these on his wife and is now in the dog house. LOL

Sara said...

Hey, I actually liked some of those -- the coloring book one was my favorite. I also liked 49, 82, and 102. I think if you do some of them in a cheesy or funny way that makes both of you laugh, it could be really romantic. Not the Danielle Steele kind of romantic, but funny romantic. I dunno. I'm planning on being overtly and sarcastically cheesy throughout my future marriage. I think silly is romantic, I guess.

Leezy Lindsey said...

If you click on the name of the book in my post, it will take you to Amazon. It looks like it's selling for as cheap as #3.95 there! What a deal! The author is Tomima L. Edmark. You should check and see if you can find it even cheaper!

Jacki said...

This totally made me laugh! I know this sounds weird, but an old boyfriend of mine really did give me some of his hair. I NEVER carried it in my wallet. In fact, I think I threw it away ASAP. Great post! I will definitely come back to read this just for a kick!

Anonymous said...

I gotta defend the coloring book one, too. Before Ryan and I started dating, another one of my roommates had a desperate crush on him. Once, we felt as though we needed to apologize (we were hard on the poor guy, and he also had a despa\erate crush—on me), so we made him a "DJ'd CD" (which actually is a romantic gift—a little note before each number explaining why you chose it... falls apart on random shuffle, though ;) ).

Anyway, we also got him crayons and a Ninja Turtles coloring book and begged him to bring them to church the next day. Let's just say that the three of us were the only people enjoying the RS/EQ lesson on "avoiding chat rooms and online dating." We signed our works, renamed them (they had names already in the book) and put them on our fridges.

One thing led to another and now we're married.

I totally credit the coloring book. I mean, Donatello was on the cover.

Lexia said...

I like coloring books as a young single woman so I'm sure I'll still like them as a young married woman.

This was a funny post. I especially liked reading your response to each suggestion.