Tuesday, November 07, 2006

My shopping dilemma

I have a major problem when it comes to shopping. My problem is that pretty much anytime I go to buy something, the store is completely out. Here's a story to explain my situation:

I bought a skirt at the Old Navy outlet in Park City last Friday. I desperately need things to wear to church and it was only $10.99 so I didn't feel too bad buying it. The hard part was finding a shirt to match. I walked into all the stores at the outlet mall and had no luck. Before heading home, I stopped at Target. I found the perfect shirt. It looked great when I tried it on with my new skirt in the dressing room. The only problem was that it was a little too small. I thought it was a medium so I grabbed a large on my way out. I paid for my shirt and tights and felt very good about my purchases.

Later that night, I tried on my new outfit for Blake. The shirt however, was too big. Even though I thought it was a medium, I must have tried on a small when I was at Target. I should have bought a medium instead of a large. I knew that even after I shrunk it in the dryer, it wouldn't look good. It was only 9:00 pm, so I decided to go back to Target and exchange it for a smaller size. No luck. Even though I had seen a medium just a few hours before, they were all gone. I was disappointed but decided to see if I could make it to the American Fork Target before they closed. I made it but much to my despair, they too, were out of mediums.

Saturday morning, I called every single Target in Utah and none of them had a medium in my shirt. I was so discouraged. How could they all be out of my size? Luckily, Laci invited me to go back up to Park City that afternoon and I was fortunate enough to find a different shirt that went well with my new skirt.

This story isn't a new one for me. It seems like I deal with this quite often. Here are a few more examples:
  1. I go to Walmart specifically for swimming diapers for Sadie. They are out of her size. I then drive to Target. Same thing. They are out too. I end up paying WAY too much at Rite Aid so that we could go swimming that day.
  2. Walmart was completely out of instant Jell-O pudding the day that I needed it for a cake that I was making. I ended up going to two other stores before I found it.
  3. Same thing happened with a skirt I bought at Target. Luckily, after calling several Targets, I found the size I needed in West Jordan. Yes, I drove over 45 minutes for a skirt.
That's enough of me complaining. I'm just wondering though, does this happen to anyone else? Or am I the only one that seems to need/want the most popular items in the store?


Anonymous said...

This happens to me all the time. Mostly on things that I need for Blake, such as diapers,shoes,etc. These things are necessities for him so I am forced to go all over town to get the right size. As for myself I get frustrated too fast and give up!

Sara said...

Yes, this especially happens to me at Target. The good thing about Target, though, is that there's practically one on every block. I have 5 "alternate" Targets I go to when I absolutely have to have a certain piece of clothing.

Driving 45 minutes: $5. Extra items you buy at the checkout line: $3. Finding a skirt you love: Priceless.