Monday, November 06, 2006

Fuzzy Wuzzy

I love slippers. I don't usually buy them but I picked some cheap ones up at Walmart in early October for my Halloween costume. I didn't end up wearing them because I forgot they were hidden in my closet but it was a treat when I found them last week.

My slippers are, well, not what I would have picked out had they not been for my costume. They are white with pink hearts all over them. However, they are the style I prefer. I like the soft, fluffy kind that you just slip your feet into. I know I look silly wearing them but they are so cozy and they really do keep me warm! It feels like I am walking on pillows.

They keep Sadie entertained. She enjoys pulling them off my feet and walking around with one on each of her hands. If you think that's gross, don't worry because I have been wearing socks to preserve the padding. If you don't, the sweat of your feet will flatten the padding very quickly. I guess I shouldn't be too worried since they were only $4.88.

I think Blake is secretly jealous. He wants some slippers like mine but he knows it wouldn't be socially acceptable for him to wear them. I'm so glad that I'm a girl.

Slippers remind me of winter. One of my favorite things to do on snowy winter nights is drink hot chocolate and wear slippers.

I'm not ashamed of my slippers. I wear them proudly.

Do you wear slippers?


Anonymous said...

I also wear my slippers proudly. They are leopard print and very comfy as well. I catch Wade now and again wearing them around the house...shh don't tell anyone!!

The Mullins said...

I have almost as many kinds of slippers as some people have shoes! I have several different styles, depending on my mood. I also have a crazy thing about my slippers not clashing with my attire. Weird, I know!