Wednesday, October 18, 2006

World record for drinking a juice box the fastest

It's 7:23 pm. At exactly 7:16, I gave Sadie a juice box. At 7:17, it was gone. This is no exaggeration folks. She seriously drank all of the juice in 1 minute. Well, not all. Between her huge gulps, she would occasionally shove the straw in my face so that I could take a sip. Just as the apple juice would reach my lips though, she would snatch the straw right back. This was one of the funniest things I have ever seen. She drank that juice like she had been in the desert for days without any liquids. Her face was very serious and I could hear her swallowing after each gulp. Man, this girl can eat...and now...well...DRINK!

Just thought you might be interested...


Anonymous said...

That's impressive! :) I've never known a 1 year old to drink that fast. Maybe there really is a world record for that.

Jacki said...

I really feel like this is a world record Lindsey. No... I really think so! Usually toddlers only drink like a third of a juice box and that takes them like ten minutes.

Watch her when she is older. You don't want people calling her "the tank"... If you know what I mean ;)