Thursday, October 26, 2006

Working hard for the money

Since a young age, my parents have taught me the importance of work. As I think about all of the different jobs that I have had, it brings back many memories: good and bad. I thought I would share a few with you:

Assistant to my neighbor's business:
(I can't remember the name of the business). After babysitting, this was my first job. At first, he gave me a computer and told me to learn some program to help run his business. It turned out that I went to his house every Monday to clean his bathrooms and organize his wife's pantry. It paid well.

Yes, I was a sandwich artist for about 2 1/2 years. My best friend Anna worked there with me and we had a blast. It was always embarrassing when someone from school would come in to get a sub. We would fight over who would make their sandwich.

Microsoft Warehouse: The summer after I graduated high school I packaged CD's, Xbox's and flyers. Pretty boring.

Flower Patch
: When I moved to Provo, I got a job at a flower shop located right down the street from my apartment. It was convenient because I could walk (since I didn't have a car). Plus, it was close to Blake's bus stop. He would occasionally drop in to say "hi."

Rite Aid: My least favorite job ever. I worked here the summer before I got married. Longest summer of my life. Cashiering and stocking medicine was not exactly what I would call fun.

Call Centers: Right after I got married I worked in 2 different call centers. The first one lasted a day. The second one, maybe a week? I was desperate for a job the second time around.

CNA at a care center:
I worked there about 2 months. This was a very tiring but rewarding job. I quit because my hours were horrible. I never saw Blake.

The RedX:
I worked here doing customer service for over 2 years. It was a great learning experience and I got to learn more than enough about the real estate business.

Currently I am a Mom: By far my favorite job.

So what about you? What jobs have you had?


Anonymous said...

You have had some truly interesting jobs. :) My parents also taught me the value of hard work. Here are the jobs I have had:

Assistant for the Gifted and Talented Summer Science Class: I did this for two summers during Jr. High. I basically helped set up all the labs, etc.

Coleman Knitting Mills: I worked here for six years. I started this job after my Sophomore year in high school and this was the job that I had throughout college. My official job was designing patches to be put on the back of letter jackets and officer sweaters. The last 3 years I worked there, however, I was also a sweater salesman. I would go to all of the schools at the end of the year and help the newly-elected officers design and order their sweaters.

Northrop Grumman Electronic Systems: I got this job after I graduated from WSU. Luckily I was only there for 4 months before getting my offer to work at Hill AFB, because I didn't like the job at all.

Grader for a Business Professor at WSU: During my last year of college through now I have graded papers for one of my former college professors. It's not too time consuming and the papers are delivered and picked up at my house so it's a good little side job.

Hill Air Force Base: I now work in Logistics at Hill Air Force Base. My degree was in Finance so I had originally hoped to work in Finance, but I really enjoy what I'm doing so I'm okay with it now.

Mom: My next job title will hopefully be "Mom." :)

Jacki said...

Lindsey... I too was a Sandwich Artist! I worked there for about two months while I lived in Hawaii. I loved it! It fed me and I closed so I got all the leftover cookies. I still eat at Subway so it didn't scar me one bit.

The rest of my job titles were dance teacher and nanny. Oh yeah, I also worked about Papa Murphey's Pizza for about 6 months when I was a freshman in high school.

Anonymous said...

Great post, Bella! I think I'll gank this idea for Smooth Harold.

For the record: Without Lindsey, the Snow family would have been without room and board on several occasions.