Friday, October 27, 2006

That really was easy!

I had a wonderful experience at Staples today. Blake, uh, I mean Griffio needed a new toner for the printer. Since I am part owner, it's my responsibility to make sure office supplies are always in stock. So, I wrote the printer model down on a post-it, packed Sadie in the car and drove to the nearest Staples. I was a little nervous when I walked in the store because there were at least 3 aisles dedicated to ink cartridges and toners. The store was quite crowded so I was alone. It was up to me to find the right toner. Why is that whenever you are "just looking" a salesperson always greets you but when you actually need help, no one approaches you? Maybe it's just me.

Anyway, I looked up and down the aisles and I felt lost. So much to chose from. I couldn't find the brand of my printer anywhere. This is where we bought it! What was the problem? On top of this, Sadie wanted to get down. Yeah, right. Like I was about to let a very curious 1-year-old down so that she could rip the shelves apart. That's just what I needed.

Just when I was starting to get frustrated, I saw a young man in a red shirt walking towards me from the corner of my eye. At first I thought he was going to pass me by but before I knew it, he was asking me what he could help me find. I liked his choice of words. Instead of asking if he could help me find anything, he asked what he could help me find. I liked that.

I gave him my sticky note and he went right to the computer. Less than a minute later we were standing in front of the correct toner. He gave me the option of 3,000 or 6,000 pages per toner and I made my decision. I chose the cheaper one but I didn't feel any pressure from him. I thanked him for his help and as I was walking away he said he liked my penmanship. Compliments always make me feel good.

The girl that checked me out was very friendly. Sadie liked her anyway.

So I walked into Staples feeling unsure about the situation but because of the service I had received, I walked out feeling pretty good about myself. If only I had my easy button handy. They should really think about making keychains.


Anonymous said...

That's good to know about Staples. There are so many office supply stores, it's hard to decide which one to support. I will try to go to Staples from now on if they're that good about helping people. My brother has one of their 'Easy Buttons' and he keeps it on his desk. Pretty good marketing campaign if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

Staples is great. I proudly pimp my "easy button" right by my monitor on my desk.