Sunday, October 15, 2006

October Fun

Sadie sitting on the hay. We went to Hee Haw's Pumpkin Patch last week. This was the day we learned that we can't plan two fun filled activities in one day. The girlies (especially Sadie) couldn't handle all of the festivities.

Me, Sadie, Susan & Haley on a very exciting, bumpy ride through the pumpkin patch. Sadie would cry every time it stopped.

Blake, me, Sadie, Susan, Haley & Matt on Heber Creeper's Haunted Train last night. Haley is very spooked out by something...

Sadie & Haley. It's very hard to get them to both look at the camera. Sadie's got a red shiner from falling on her face earlier at Chuck E. Cheese's.

Our family in front of the Heber Creeper. Notice the boy doing a somersault in the background.


Sara said...

Lindsey, you're a good mommy! What fun stuff you do!

Jacki said...

That is so neat that you guys have family friends like that. I am sure that it makes it so much easier when you are all at the same pace.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a fun family outing! Glad you have such good friends to have great times with! October is my favorite month of the year! So glad I get to share it with Sadie when it comes to our birthdays! Happy Fall!!!