Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Just some thoughts...

I'm sitting here on the couch. It's 12:02 a.m. I should be in bed. I'm tired but I don't feel like going to bed. I'm not sure why. I'm trying to find a song that I've heard on the radio a few times but I don't remember the name. Every time that I've heard it, I think to myself that I should grab a pen and write the name down on the back of an old receipt. I never did. I should have.

I'm listening to one of my new favorite songs. The band's name is Snow Patrol. I like that my last name is in their name. Pretty neat. It's one of those songs that I like to listen to while driving. I also think it's a nice love song.

It's been a pretty good day. Sadie was a little moody. I'm not sure if she has recovered from her party this weekend. I tried to buy a new mouse for Blake but after I got it home, he realized that it had the wrong cord. I'll take it back tomorrow. No big deal.

The Andersen's invited us over for dinner and games. We had a good time. They are really good friends. Haley and Sadie are finally able to play with each other. Well, at least a little bit. On the way home, Sadie was really quiet. She was tired. I carried her to bed. I stood by her crib, holding her and singing her a lullaby. She nestled her head in my neck and had her little hands wrapped around me. It felt so good. She is getting big. I can't imagine my life without her.

I better go to bed. It's now 12:15 a.m. I'll look for that song tomorrow.

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Susan said...

We always have fun with you guys. Your little flurry keeps our Hoo Hoo entertained. Thanks for always being such fun company.