Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

We are going to attempt to take Sadie trick-or-treating. It will be interesting since she can't actually say "Trick-or-treat!" But I have to take advantage of the FREE CANDY! I'll let you know how it goes. So what are your spooky plans for this evening?


The Mullins said...

Sadie is at the age where Halloween is still kind of a mystery. Why is Mommy putting me in these weird clothes? Why is Mommy dragging me around the neighborhood? Who are these people giving me stuff? Why is Mommy eating all my stuff? Halloween with toddlers is more fun for the parents! What a kick!

Hey Linds, Angie and I love your blog so much we were inspired to start our own. Here are our links:



Thanks for the fun posts!


Anonymous said...

We are going to attempt trick-or-treating tonight as well. You'll have to let me know how Sadie does.
Have fun tonight!

Jacki said...

You know, it is times like these where I wish I had a little one to take 'trick-or-treating'. I just look plain silly going by myself now. Now how am I supposed to get free candy?