Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Happy 1st Birthday Sadie!


It's hard to believe that this time last year, we were at the hospital waiting to meet you. You came into the world and changed my life forever. You are full of life. You love to explore and the look of wonder when you hear a dog bark or when you taste a new food never gets old. You are into everything. It's hard to keep up. I love to watch you turn the pages of a book or dance in your crib. You have brought so much joy into our home. This last year has been wonderful. Thank you for your kisses. Thank you for your giggles and smiles. I love you Sadie.



Sara said...

You're a good mom, Lindsey. I like your blog letter to Lindsey. She'll love you for it when she's older!

She's so cute and cuddly . . . I wish she were here at my apartment so that we could color or watch Mickey Mouse videos together or something. Hmmm, you know I have had thoughts of moving to SLC. But it'd be a while before it actually happens. Maybe by the time I get out there, Sadie and Mia and Ethan will still be little enough to think I'm the best aunt ever!

Jacki said...


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to our sweet little Sadie! We can't beleive you are already a year old! You have brought lots of smiles, laughs and love to our family! We love you!!!