Thursday, October 12, 2006

Can I help you find anything?

I need to be careful when writing this post because I do not want to come across mad or grumpy about what happened today. Really, I'm not. It's just that on my way home, I started thinking about the importance of good customer service. Here's what happened:

I had some Gymbucks to spend at Gymboree, (thanks Cathy!) so Sadie and I headed to the mall. I made a purchase at Gymboree and then decided to check out The Children's Place. I found a shirt that went great with a skirt Sadie has so I got in line and the cashier started ringing me up. She gave me the total and that's when I realized my debit card was missing. I told her I would be right back and went back to Gymboree. Luckily, my debit card was there. I went back to The Children's Place to finish my purchase. Everything was going just fine until the cashier asked me where I had left my card. I told her it was at Gymboree and another cashier standing behind the counter said, "Well, that's your problem. You shouldn't shop there."

The two women then started talking bad about Gymboree. Didn't they see the dotted bag in my hand? Didn't they understand that the only thing they were accomplishing was turning me off of their store, not their competitor's. Yes, it was a mistake that my card wasn't given back to me at Gymboree but it wasn't horrible. I got it back. Everything turned out okay. It wasn't the end of the world. However, the way those woman were talking was horrible. Not only did it make me feel stupid but it was a very unprofessional thing to do. There was no reason for that woman to make that comment.

Oh well. I wrote this in case anyone that reads this is in customer service. That way they will know to never talk bad about their competition. It's just not cool.


Steve said...

i never would have thought that children's clothing stores would have it out for eachother. its funny really. but i guess you do have to protect the hottest fashion market...

Anonymous said...

Note to Leezy Lindsey visitors: My blog is so much better than Lindsey's blog. You shouldn't read this. Come over to my site which is much better. I'm so presumptuous and think everything in the world should only visit my store, I mean, blog. After all, one-size fits all, right?

Don't people realize how ridiculous they sound when talking bad about others?

Anonymous said...

I wrote to The Children's Place customer service and sent them a link to this post. I thought they should at least know what has happened because I am sure they would not want to lose customers, especially a large and influential customer like our family/extended family. Not many people go into business wanting to drive away customers. Unfortunately, I think this is indicative of one of the many challenges in owning and operating a business. You hire people in hopes they will treat customers as you would. I would want to know about this if The Children's Place was my company. Hopefully they will express this same attitude.