Thursday, September 14, 2006

Sadie the great

Sadie's first pigtails!Sadie watching Sesame Street
Sadie in the kitchen helping Mom cook dinner
Her favorite toy


Jacki said...

She is just getting so cute!! Her personality really shows in those pictures.

Susan said...

I wish Hoo Hoo had hair to pigtail. Sadie is such a doll!

Lexia said...

It's about time! I needed my Sadie fix. I like the one in the kitchen best.

Lexia said...

Hey, you changed the color scheme of your blog. I like the red better.

Jordan McCollum said...

Those are adorable! I especially like the one in the kitchen; my sister walked on her knees before she started really walking, so we have lots of pictures of her like that. The pigtails are adorable!

We missed you in swim class today! I think Ryan's going to come watch on Friday. If Blake's free, do you guys want to go to lunch after swimming?