Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Sad day for my ears

Blake gave me a pair of diamond earrings for my birthday the first year we were married. When I say diamond earrings, I mean the kind you get at Walmart so they aren't technically diamonds. When he gave them to me, he had said he wished they were real but since he was going to school we couldn't really afford them. I put those earrings on and I can count on my hand the number of times I have taken them off since my 20th birthday.

Three years later:

We went to the pool on Monday. It was a fun filled day of soaking up rays and watching Sadie splash around like a mad woman. When we got home, I ran to take a shower to rinse the chlorine off. I made a quick glance at the mirror and noticed that my right ear lobe looked a little bare. Sure enough, my earring was gone. It was lost forever.

I was sad. Not because it was an expensive piece of jewelry (because it wasn't) but I was sad because those earrings meant a lot to me. I have good memories of when Blake gave them to me. He had told me about going to Walmart and how the lady at the jewelry counter had helped him pick them out. I know he was excited to give them to me. I have worn those earrings proudly and I guess you could say they represent the love I feel for Blake. Okay, am I getting too sappy? I think I am. But I guess what I am trying to say is that it's funny how the inexpensive, but thoughtful gifts can mean so much more than the expensive, flashy ones.


Jacki said...

Amen girl! Brooks is still wearing a $10 wedding ring because it is too sentimental to get rid of. The day before our wedding I remembered that we didn't have a ring for Brooks. We walked into the Walmart up in Bountiful and asked the lady for a men's wedding ring. The first one she picked out fit him so we purchased it. You better believe that that ring is %100 real... sterling silver... We just thought that as soon as we got back to Atlanta we would get him his 'official' ring. Well not anymore. It is just too special to us now. Humble beginings!

I am sorry to hear about your earrings. That really is sad!!

Sara said...

But Jacki, what are you wearing on your ring finger???

What a nice story Lindsey -- aren't you glad, though, that it wasn't a REAL diamond earing? I like it when Blake gets all excited about something. He's so much like a kid that way; it's refreshing.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your earing! Knowing Blake you will be sproting around a new pair of earings in no time at all! They will have a new story and new meaning to you! You gotta love the good men in our lives and the nice things they do for us!