Thursday, September 07, 2006

I really can drive!

Whenever I am driving with my sister, the words, "I drive better when you're not with me," always come out of my mouth. This is usually after we have been chatting and I have had to quickly slam on the brakes to prevent us from hitting the stopped car in front of us.

Something similar happened the other day while I was driving with my Dad. He had to point out the man on his bicycle to keep me from hitting him. Once again, I explained to my Dad that I really could drive.

For some reason, I feel a little more relaxed when someone else is in the passenger seat. I feel like I give them some of the burden of looking out for our vehicle. It's not a fair thing to do because in no way have I verbally told them they are in charge of looking both ways before I pull out into the busy street. Technically, that's my job. So, as a result, I end up scaring the people with me. Plus they get out of the car thinking I am a mad women behind the wheel.

Do you drive better when you are alone?


Sara said...

YOU TOO?!? I feel like people think I'm a terrible driver because I drive so poorly when other people are in the car with me. I wouldn't say it's because I feel more relaxed, though. I actually get tense and nervous for people to see me drive. I put a lot of pressure on myself when other people are in the car.

So yes, I drive MUCH better when I'm alone. Much.

Annette and Rick said...

As I mentioned, that day, I definitely do this, too.