Thursday, September 07, 2006

Do you eat in or out?

I have inherited quite a few personality traits from my Mom. Like, we shop the same. We go into a store, scan and leave. None of this going through the racks business. We can usually tell if there is something we want within 20 seconds of being in the store. I get my love for holidays from her. I have tried to make holidays the big deal that there were in my house while growing up. You know, themed dinners, napkins that have Easter eggs on them, you get the point.

We both like to eat out. However when it's fast food, we both prefer to go through the drive-through and then sit in the car and eat. Yes, I order my food and then go park in the restaurant's parking lot and eat. Don't ask me why. It can get messy this way. It can get hot too if you don't leave the air conditioner on. But, I have fond memories of sitting in the car with my Mom eating tacos and shooting the breeze.

This is something I haven't done as much of since meeting Blake. He likes to eat in. He likes certain hamburger joints for the ambiance. So, we always end up eating inside. While my Mom was here the past month though, we ordered and ate in the car. It was nice.

So my questions is, do you prefer to eat in or out?


Anonymous said...

Loved this Blog!! It made me really miss you tonight! I went and bought dinner for myself because Dad had a meeting and Steve is on a road trip! I would have loved to have had you there to have some of those ole car talk! As you already know I would take eating in the car any day over inside! Lots of good memories with my great kids!

Love ya,

Anonymous said...

I swear we have a ton in common. I shop just like you. I can go through the entire mall in 20 minutes because I am not a browser.

I developed my love for holidays from my dad. We went all out for the holidays, mostly Christmas. But every holiday was a celebration at my house and I hope to make it that way for my kids.

One of my favorite things to do is eat out and I love Wendy's. I don't have a preference towards eating in the car or inside though, as long as the food is yummy. That sounds good right now. :)

Be sure to always do these special things with your mom because when she's gone, it's memories like these that will keep you going. That's how it has been for me anyway. Enjoy every moment and continue the traditions that your parents have started.

Sara said...

Hm. This is a tough one. I like eating in a car, too, I think. I dunno quite why. But I remember that my mom grabbed fast food for Lexi and me a lot, and we would eat in the car while she did her errands. Sometimes it's nice to not have to even step out of your car to get something to eat. It really is the quintessential contemporary way to eat -- drive up, order your food, receive your food, and eat your food -- all without ever having to get up! Sometimes that's super fun.

Lexia said...

It sounds like Sonic might be your dream fast-food place. Man, I love their corn-dogs.

Jacki said...

You have such a great mom! The comment she left is so sweet! She really loves you kids I can tell!

Annette and Rick said...

For some reason, Mom and I always eat in the car.

I sure love you and your Mom. Thanks for the good laugh, Lindsey.